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Welcome To The Embassy

11/1/11 Perfect Date To Start

Welcome to my new blog, quite why I’m actually making a blog I don’t really know, however I’m going to give it a go and see if my ramblings on here amuse either myself or anyone else for that matter. First things first I may as well talk a little about myself so that people know where I’m coming from.

I’m 26 years old, born in October 1984, thus a cool Libran (Libra being THE coolest star sign to be apparently) and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For those who may read this from lands other than the UK/Ireland, I’m of the ‘Belfast, Ireland’ persuasion, but to be honest I’ve bigger things in my life to worry about than the disaster zone that is Northern Irish politics….and yet lo and behold what is my greatest love in the world….politics!

Yes….spot the geek, I do love politics, in almost every country but my own, which is not to say that there’s nothing to be learnt from Northern Irish politics, but rather you could fall asleep in the 1970s and wake up in 2011 and many of the same faces would still be around….talking about the same things, alas thankfully dramatic progress has been made in that time, but I’m pretty sure there are glaciars that have formed, moved 100 miles and then melted in less time.

I do have a tendency to just go off on random tangents…it’s my mother’s fault, she does it all the time, so apparently tangentitis is hereditary, damn genes. Speaking of genes, not only did they inflict the dreaded tangentitis but they decided to have a field day by…making me attracted to the male form, ie…be a homosexual (pronounced Hom…not Home according to my Dad because of some latin where Homo means ‘man’ and thus should be pronounced hom like then…or is it the other way around). So yeah in conclusion…I’m gay, but not in the ‘OMG gurl you are fierce’ way more along the lines of ‘gay people annoy me’ kinda way….a blanket statement true…they’re not ALL abominations…just the ones I choose to dislike hehe.

I recently qualified as a New York Attorney and Counselor-At-Law *audience gasps in awe* but alas as it turns out, I still work in retail for apparently many different companies have yet to recognise my awesomeness…either that or the Cybermen have been controlling events from the other side of the universe, keeping me from achieving my goals for fear of the influence and power I would someday have…which brings me to Dr Who, big fan of the show, though less so now that Matt Smith is in charge, I don’t know what it is, but he’s just not clicking with me yet, not sure what the problem is…perhaps my own jealousy that he’s my age but has the coolest job ever and I um…don’t.

I’m sure there are plenty more things I could say in my first blog, but let’s be honest, you’ve probably all nodded off already before even getting to this line, if you haven’t then you will be rewarded with…..um…..a hug from me if you ever meet me, and damn my hugs are awesome if I do say so myself.

Oh right yes, one final issue before I depart is the basis of the name for this blog. I could’ve gone with another name that has been linked to me since I created a hotmail account with it in 2000 but felt this more accurately suited me. I studied in Chicago in the academic year 2005-06 at Dominican University. I have never experienced a more fulfilling, happier or exciting year in my life both before and since and so thought a nickname from that time would be a good starting point for this blog.

As the foreigner in the land of Uncle Sam, I was considered an ambassador for my country, in fact the organisation that gave me the scholarship and sent me over said to me and my group that we would all be ambassadors while abroad. Thus when at DU, my room was called ‘The Embassy’ and I was ‘The Irish Ambassador’. Corny and cheesy…hell yeah but damnit I loved it so screw it, it’s my name now and will remain so until I can achieve my dream of moving to the US and becoming a success there.

OK now I will go this time…it’s been a pleasure talking to myself here and I would like to thank myself for taking the time to write this blog…go you James (I nod back to my screen in acknowledgement) have a great evening everyone on this the most unique of numeric events.


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