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Day 2 and already I’ve run out of catchy titles

So It’s almost midnight and nearly Day 3 but I couldn’t let the day pass without offering a second helping of the thoughts that go on in my head, albeit in slight abbreviated form as my priority at the min is to make the blog look decent, something i’m struggling with.

Today was a day like any other though extremely boring I have to say, I worked all day but happen to be born of a breed that I presumed was plentiful, till I actually entered the realm of employment over 10 years ago, that breed being ‘the worker who cares about their job’. Before I got my first job I always believed somewhat stupidly that everyone who had a job worked hard…clearly i’d never encountered retail before.

It is safe to say that I am blessed with some tremendous people to work with and talk to and some who are just lovely as people, not necessarily as workers, and then those who are neither good workers nor particularly pleasant people.

The reason I’m saying this is to the set the scene for what I imagine will be a blog that will soon be full of random posts bitching about person X/Y/Z and the utter insanity that seems to grip the retail industry and everyone within it, from the new start to the highest power, you think Eastenders or Corrie are soap operas…you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Night all!


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