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The Calm Before The Storm!


Howdy all,

It is late at night and thus I should be in bed, but rather than that I am sitting typing away here to make an attempt at an interesting post, which when full of energy is tricky, but when your candle has not only burned itself at both ends but they’ve met in the middle, then all I can guarantee is that these ramblings will be even more incoherent than usual.

Though actually I do have something of note to add. Monday sees the start of my new fitness regime and diet. Now I know that I’m no Michelle McManus or anything so that when people hear I’m dieting and training (well going to) they always look at me with horror that I dare think that I need to diet, however my logic is simple….I wanna look better!

From the age of 1 (I was a chubby baby) I have been slim and slender, which during my teenage years I was bestowed a six-pack made entirely from God’s goodwill. I first went to the gym when Iwas 15, but then fell out of use after I realised that GCSEs and A-Levels (Big exams for those who don’t know) required study time.

Every now and then I would return to the gym but it mattered not as I was not able to put fat on anyway and then I hit…..my early 20s….by about 23/24 things seemed to start becoming a little less clear. My six pack appeared to get soaked up by my stomach and my definition waned as I started to fill out.

I have set myself on a path to looking body beautiful many times since that first realisation that my body wasn’t gonna play ball, that my metabolism was probably slowing and that I would likely have to exert effort to get my old body back, or indeed make a brand spanking new better body.

Monday 17th January is when I start a program designed by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer with his own body proof of his credentials, this time though the diet/training is different as I have….a gym buddy. A friend of mine has been roped in and so we will keep each other going….it’s gonna be an awful crappy miserable process….and that’s if we do everything right! So let’s hope it works out and that I can report to you at Easter that my cunning plan to have an awesome body at 26 have come to fruition!


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  1. IrishGymBunny
    January 17, 2011 at 6:35 AM

    Don’t look at your routine as an “awful crappy miserable process” because you’ll find it hard to keep the motivation. Enjoy it! Know that you have a good program to follow; that you have a buddy to work with; and that you WILL get results. Keep positive and the process with be fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

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