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The Dreaded Lurgy

February 22, 2011 1 comment


Up to now I have been somewhat remiss with respect to making regular posts on this my own blog, as if almost afraid to post on it for fear that what I write will either be so mind numbing as to put my audience of one to sleep, or that it would in fact open the floodgates and suddenly my mild-mannered excessively chirpy reputation would be decimated by the angry, moody and often times incoherent blogs that would follow.

I still haven’t quite gathered yet how this whole blog experiment will turn out, though I’m pretty certain that it will not land me a book deal anytime soon, ah well…who needs international stardom when you can fold shirts in work and yell at people.

But the first rant of today is one of frustration at myself and in many ways the continuation of the saga of posts that began with the start of my new gym regime.

I’m like a lot of guys, I want the perfect body…one that suits me but also one that is not so hidden that it takes you to strip me in order to seem I’m a toned yet skinny stud. Less than a week ago I took a few days off the gym in order to be well rested for fun day and night out with friends. That day came and went and was grand, though I didn’t overdo it. Within a few days I was in work 9-9 but had woken up with my body and throat in agony. I went in to work because God forbid I should ring in sick, and battled through the shift despite everyone (except management of course) saying that I looked too ill to be there. Since then I’ve been laid up at home and in fact HAD to ring in sick to work for the first time in THREE years on Saturday because for once I had to admit…I am human!

I guess that leads to the bigger point and the one that prob should have me in some sort of therapy, but fuck it, where’s the fun in that? The bigger point being…..I think I’m somehow more than human. Here me out before you call the men in white coats, just come in to my crazy world for a second.

I’ve always had this belief of pushing myself to crazy limits, I am the guy that the phrase ‘burns the candle at both ends’ was truly devised for. I can’t seem to exist without wanting to do more, achieve more, beat someone but most scarily….be better than myself. I’ve this mentality where I put constant pressure on myself to act a way that is to others simply insane. I’ve long felt I was sent here to change the world, but yet reality makes me feel like I’m mediocre at best, with setbacks scaring me into contemplating a life where I’m just….normal.

Normality is nothing to be sneezed at, at times I look at people with a degree of jealousy that they work 9-5, earn their money, go home to family and that’s their life and its all they need to feel complete….but it’s not me, It’s ridiculous to feel that you’re meant for something big, even more so when life keeps intervening to say…’just let it go’ but I won’t….I’ve never been normal in my life in almost all environments, I’m a complicated guy, instantly likeable yet depends on the audience, endearing, yet remarkably frustrating to know, I’m just saying this….I know I’ll always be my own worst enemy, but I have ideals and I’m not about to give up on them just yet, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… a new week dawns and new opportunities arise, I’ll be the man I’ve foreseen in my head that I’m meant to be, it may take time but I’ll get there.


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2 Weeks In To The Gym Experience

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment


It has been a while since I’ve updated this blog which is kinda stupid considering I made this blog to be a regular place for me to offer rants and ramblings…I must’ve been exceedingly happy the past few weeks in order to not have anything to rant about…but instead I think it’s just because I am a busy bee.

So as was mentioned in the last blog….I was to become a gym bunny and start a new diet and guess what….It’s actually lasted so far!!

I went to the gym four times last week and three times this week and have been eating according to the diet plan in 95% of meals, with the odd indulgence in there to remind me that it’s ok to be fit and to have fun with food too.

I have to say the feeling I’m getting is outstanding, my gym is awesome because it has a Swimming pool, a steam room, jacuzzis and the gym itself is clean and bright and welcoming (the fact there are hotties all over the place is a nice incentive too).

My friend offered me a program that is both demanding and yet alarmingly achievable. I am finding that unlike in previous efforts at getting fit etc, I usually cave after a few days because I run myself down and get sick and then slump back into my unhealthy routine.

I have actually found that when I do enjoy an indulgent meal that I actually didn’t miss it half as much as I thought I did. I have had problems with my stomach for the best part of 18 months, (most likely IBS, but tests are still getting done) and looks like it’ll be a chronic thing that’ll flare up for various reasons, and eating healthily has enabled me to have an almost normal day without the occasional agony and discomfort that comes with the stomach issue.

What my mate also said was to consider the exercise and diet as something fun and enjoyable and take to it with an optimistic attitude, which if anyone knows me will know is not hard to do as I am exceptionally chirpy, probably to the point of being annoying.

So back to the topic at hand…ah yes…the gym, so anyway I’m just letting you all know that I’m going to be continuing with this, with the plan being that I have a somewhat more awesome body in time for my trip to London in April where I’ll hopefully get to show off those guns haha. Let’s just hope I maintain this enthusiasm, for indeed what’s the alternative?

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The Calm Before The Storm!

January 17, 2011 1 comment


Howdy all,

It is late at night and thus I should be in bed, but rather than that I am sitting typing away here to make an attempt at an interesting post, which when full of energy is tricky, but when your candle has not only burned itself at both ends but they’ve met in the middle, then all I can guarantee is that these ramblings will be even more incoherent than usual.

Though actually I do have something of note to add. Monday sees the start of my new fitness regime and diet. Now I know that I’m no Michelle McManus or anything so that when people hear I’m dieting and training (well going to) they always look at me with horror that I dare think that I need to diet, however my logic is simple….I wanna look better!

From the age of 1 (I was a chubby baby) I have been slim and slender, which during my teenage years I was bestowed a six-pack made entirely from God’s goodwill. I first went to the gym when Iwas 15, but then fell out of use after I realised that GCSEs and A-Levels (Big exams for those who don’t know) required study time.

Every now and then I would return to the gym but it mattered not as I was not able to put fat on anyway and then I hit… early 20s….by about 23/24 things seemed to start becoming a little less clear. My six pack appeared to get soaked up by my stomach and my definition waned as I started to fill out.

I have set myself on a path to looking body beautiful many times since that first realisation that my body wasn’t gonna play ball, that my metabolism was probably slowing and that I would likely have to exert effort to get my old body back, or indeed make a brand spanking new better body.

Monday 17th January is when I start a program designed by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer with his own body proof of his credentials, this time though the diet/training is different as I have….a gym buddy. A friend of mine has been roped in and so we will keep each other going….it’s gonna be an awful crappy miserable process….and that’s if we do everything right! So let’s hope it works out and that I can report to you at Easter that my cunning plan to have an awesome body at 26 have come to fruition!


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