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Countdown To A Bloggy New Year

December 30, 2013 Leave a comment


So in 2011 I was clearly in an ‘expressive’ phase….I thought the way forward was blogging, I would become one of those people who throws open their life to ridicule by typing words onto a website and exposing it for all the world to see.

Or rather….that was the theory! In practice life has a habit of changing your plans before you realized that it had done so. 2011 initially started as a rather quiet year for me in comparative terms, well for the most part. I did not climb Everest and to my knowledge, I did not break any world records (I have yet to verify this, I may STILL be crowned ‘biggest Doctor Who fan’ though I’ve seen some über fans and they are CRAYYYY-ZAY) and so the blog became a forgotten gem, and so 2011, 2012 and indeed 2013 slipped by, with the untold stories remaining trapped in the prison of my brain with only me for company.

It’s strange, I stopped blogging because of a few reasons, the quiet spell in life, but mainly due to laziness, a more insidious disease than many mentioned in a Medical Encyclopedia. Bouts of laziness are the ‘Weeping Angels’ of my life. For those unfamiliar with this New Doctor Who villainous race, the Weeping Angels can do away with you by touching you and zapping you into the past and living off the energy you would’ve used in the future. They ‘Kill you nicely’!! That’s a rather flamboyant way of saying that my own laziness felt great at the time, because I wasn’t doing anything and that often feels great, but in reality it used up another day that I could have spent productively.

These ‘Laziness Angels’ were a pretty powerful force on me in 2011 and led me to not only stop blogging, but stop with the gym, stop with a lot of things….I worked as few shifts in work as possible and only nominally searched for new jobs. I allowed myself to be gripped by this laziness for a good 8 months…..and yet surprisingly, In September 2011, I embarked upon the longest sustained period of activity in my life that continues to this very day, it finally clicked, my active mentality finally won out over my laziness. It is odd, in jobs I work incredibly hard, my managers will tell you so, perhaps I was just not quite as attentive at ensuring my own mental well-being than I was at contributing in work.

Sadly once you get out of the habit of doing something, the harder it is to get back into it, and so 2012 and 2013 went by without blog entries, despite them being the most exciting years that I have experienced in a long long time. I will try to go a bit ‘Night of the Doctor’ along the way and revisit key events from the past few years to inform all 4 of you that will read this about what I have been up to. I am offering up this blog as a bit of entertainment and perhaps it will offer you the chance to know me better. At times it will be moany, at times it will be heavy, at times it will be comical, and all throughout it will be completely self-absorbed, but that’s basically the point of a blog, so don’t whinge if you expected something else.

Hopefully I will be able to sustain the blog this time, perhaps it will give me a chance to prove to myself that I have grown and matured since 2011 and that I am now ready to not only talk more about my thoughts, but also that I have the ability to sustain my posting. What started as a post announcing my return to blogging quickly turned into a post about the state of my mental health in 2011, so if that’s how things go on day 1, lord knows what I’ll be rambling about in months to come.

Have a great week and I hope that 2014 will be a great year for you all!


Best wishes,


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